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Owning or having stakes in over 200 businesses throughout the Bitcoin and crypto space, makes Galaxy Digital our "Berkshire Hathaway" of the digital asset sector.

If you wanted to invest in only one company that gave you exposure to the entire industry, Galaxy is it.

With holdings that straddle:

  • Bitcoin mining
  • Institutional custody
  • Lending / Financing
  • Special Situations (see "The Special Situation Lurking in Galaxy Digital")

They navigated the 2021-2022 crypto winter with aplomb, deftly sidestepping some of the most disastrous cataclysms to rock crypto, while buying up distressed companies and assets and building through the winter.

Add to that, Invesco, one of the spot Bitcoin ETF applicants with $1.5 trillion AUM and nearly $500 billion in ETFs - the fourth-largest ETF issuer in the US - has recently partnered with Galaxy to manage it.

Galaxy is also the only company in the digital asset space that is actively reducing its share count via buybacks.

Upcoming Catalysts

Galaxy will be uplisting to the Nasdaq at some point in 2024, which will increase their inclusion in various ETFs and mutual funds.