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    I feel bad as a Maxi posting this, but we’re now in a new crypto cycle and if we find ourselves in a position to cash in on a sh*tcoin, it means we have more funds to roll into stacking sats in BTC.

    A colleague put me onto 0x0 about a month ago (it was before we left for Costa Rica), it’s an Ethereum smart contract with an anonymizer built in, that pays 5% of its fees out to unitholders, in Ethereum

    It bills itself as an “AI Smart Contract Auditor”, thus catching the “AI wave” which is the current thing in terms of themes moving cryptos right now.

    So far it has been marching steadily “up and to the right” yet is largely under the radar. The only place I know where you can buy it is via Uniswap.

    My Strategy

    I did something I call “cleaning out the back of the fridge”, I just took all the old ERC-20 tokens that I still had lying around various wallets from the last cycle (the ones I hadn’t bothered cashing out) and I just went to Uniswap and rolled them all into 0x0

    It’s trading at 0.02 now, after a very powerful move from sub <0.01, so there is bound to be a pullback - entering closer to 0.01 would be optimal, but I still think it is very early in this story.

    Like it or not, during up-cycles some of this altcoins can moon harder and further than BTC and my approach is to swing for the fences:

    1) put in an amount I'm 100% prepared to lose 100% of (take timing right off the table).
    2) pick my price target (I'm thinking north of 0.50 is possible)
    3) wait for the target or let it flame out


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