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    An idea that resonates deeply with me.

    “For Bitcoin, or any other grand invention for that matter, to succeed, it needs selective adoption.

    It needs to be built for the game changers. For the revolutionaries. For the 1%. For the trendsetters. For the leaders and for the Remnant.”

    See the original article by Alex Svetski for Bitcoin Magazine here

    Twitter spaces / discussion here:


    Svetski is an intriguiging fellow.

    I first came across him debating crypto with Catherine Austin Fitts (CAF), who probably understands global financial corruption better than anyone. The debate is WAY too long (3 hours?? I listened at 2X speed. Finally gets heated up after 90 mins and it seemed to me Svetski was trying to play the pedantic. (With CAF??)

    When I dug a little deeper I found out he’d had a number of startups that went bust (one on Australia “Shark Tank” is entertaining and then shifted his ‘expertise’ to crypto.

    A quick Google search indicates this guy is very savvy at marketing and SEO. But outside of that?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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