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    John Hopmann

    I was naive and duped into putting money in an exchange that I am 99% sure is part of a scam and fraudulent. My account is frozen currently and they want a large payment to unfreeze it. I now know that the exchange is not affiliated with a parent exchange as they claim, and there are many onter irregularities I am grappling with. I reported them to several US agencies…no response yet.
    My questions to the group: What can I do to prove that the exchange is a scam/fraud and how might it be possible to recover my money? How or where can I report the exchange to go after them? They claim to be unregulated and to be domiciled in the UK, but that appears to be false.
    The exchange in question: www{.}coinjarin{.}com, “trading,” likely fake(?) done on www{.}coinjarin{.}com/wap/ Also, can anyone refer me to investigators who may be able to help me go after those crooks?

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    Alas, it looks like a 100% scam site, a total phish of coinjar {.} com, the real exchange.

    I’m very sorry but your funds will be unrecoverable – as soon as I read that they wanted you to deposit more money to get your other money out I knew it was a fraud.

    You could make a report to your local fraud squad. Unfortunately it’s hard to get local law enforcement interested these matters. Maybe they can connect you with a national fraud squad.

    Where are you located?

    John Hopmann

    I’m in Omaha, Nebraska. It should make a difference to US authorities that that exchange is not authorized to do business in the US, neither is the parent exchange they copied. but I don’t know. I have no responses from FBI, FTC, or the UK registry. -John

    John Hopmann

    P.S. My account there is still showing as open, but frozen. The person who got me into it still touches base on occasion, offering to help me and claiming to be helping to keep my account open with a “guarantee”. That person acted as a broker, along with a “team,” of “researchers” who spoon fed me the trades. The supposed profits from my initial $93500 ballooned to $468K in 12 trades. Then the exchange claimed a review of the account showed irregular trading, froze the account, demanded 35% of account balance as an additional “risk margin deposit,” to unfreeze the account, and that it would be returned along with the account balance when verified. That meant $168K was required to get my money out. BS!!!!! =John

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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