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    Max Entropy

    Hello to All !

    I don’t have the time to properly flush out aspects of this topic… that said, it is my belief that while multi-faceted certainly, the Interbet of Value will depend on ‘rails’. Rails, such as, TCP/IP or IP analogies. I have always considered Ethereum to be a research project, however, in 2014 when I said this, I did not forsee how much money there was in ‘research’. I see tokens, such as, Layer 1 networks /tokens to be the only entities of interest. These would include:

    – Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash
    – Doge (becuase Musk will enable it with StarLink and Tesla phone.. note Intel’s crypto chip)
    – Hedera (HBAR)
    – Ripple (XRP, XDC)
    – Stellar (XLM)

    I tend to think, the crypto token with the most liquidity/utility will be valued more.

    Sure, these are contentious comments in space such, as this. I have looked briefly around Mark’s site, and it appears that the site is focused Bitcoin market data. I think market data is missing the point today… protocols, protocols, protocols.

    At this early time in the crypto space standards are needed. I expect that Ripple Net (yes, I know people will fuss about branding… but it is Ripple who is the sole developer, the rest is make belief for the SEC) will be the rails. Etherthing else is a wrapped side chain token.

    Well, you can see where I am coming from. I have been in the crypto space since 2011. Compiled and run Bitcoin and Ripple nodes for fun. Wrote an Azure Agent that gathered Price/Volume data from 50 or so global exchanges every ten (10) seconds… and made the blob available to an iOS app. Later, found that it was toooo dificult to move real money to support arbitrage. It was an experiment and I learned a great deal. Wells Fargo wanted the arbitrage app to cash out into real money at set intervals.

    I could say more… I will send to Mark, information about myself.

    Hello to all !

    Jerry Davis

    Over one year later, and now what do you think? What are your thoughts on the ETFs? Blackrock is the Dark Lord and some think that these ETF’s will be used primarily to stifle the power of BTC. I see BTC as less an investment than a hedge VS the falling dollar. I also sense a positive relationship between the price of oil and BTC.


    Well the ETFs are here (in the US anyway, we’ve had them in Canada for years) and so far sideways chop in the price action but some decent inflows into the ETFs.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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