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    Always enjoy the newsletters, but am curious why there is continued disdain for Ripple and XRP?

    In the The Crypto Capitalist Manifesto you say (on page 3):

    “We approach this as investors. In this methodology we are not buying crypto currencies
    directly, we are buying the equities of companies in the crypto currency space.”

    Ripple appears to be a well run company with many real-world, operational partnerships and many former financial regulators on staff. By all appearances, it looks to be a serious operation targeting specific uses in the crypto finance space.

    If it is providing CBDC rails, why shouldn’t we look to invest in it? As much as it would be better to have only decentralized crypto such as BTC, there are no guarantees and CBDC’s may prevail.

    Having used XRP for moving trading funds around, I’ve found it’s a fast and inexpensive option, especially compared to BTC and ETH.

    Not wanting to appear to be an XRP maxi (I’m not!), but genuinely curious why you don’t consider Ripple as investable?

    Thanks for your thoughts!


    I just never thought of it as a crypto, it’s not on a blockchain, there’s no scarcity, no hard cap – it may as well be fiat.

    Then there was all the regulatory headwinds. I guess there still is, given the SEC may appeal the latest decision.

    Finally, given that Ripple is overtly positioning themselves to be a base layer for CBDCs, I just want to keep my crypto investing to anti-CBDC instruments.

    If we want to monetize the picks and shovels of the coming CBDC system I figure the best place to so it is via the banks and the exchanges.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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